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Game Nostalgia provides the adventure gamer with comprehensive info about some (pure) graphic adventures that he or she may have enjoyed.
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Welcome to RetroGameLand! Here you can see my IBM PC collection and check if you are missing something from your collectable game box.
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Сайт Old-Games.RU — крупнейший российский архив старых компьютерных игр. Мы не ставим перед собой цели собрать все игры, что есть в мире, но мы стараемся, чтобы на сайте было представлено большинство шедевров прошлых лет. С течением времени графическое и звуковое оформление игр нашего архива заметно устарело, но игровой процесс остался прежним, и порой он гораздо интереснее, чем во многих современных «хитах».
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Welcome to the Sierra On-Line museum! This site is an archive of Sierra On-Line's software catalog. It has been designed as a resource for collectors and a showcase for some of the best software titles ever produced. With the avid collector in mind this site intends to be the ultimate guide to everything Sierra, providing detailed documentation and photographs of all the original Sierra software and Sierra-related items.
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This website catalogs all of the adventure games that Lucasfilm / LucasArts released from 1986 to the present. We strive to offer enough images and documentation to make the most serious collector happy. The museum is no longer growing but the forums are active and further information on LucasArts is always there.
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